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2009 nissan altima problems

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2009 nissan altima problems

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Changed the battery. Battery had partial warranty still. This failure is actually covered by a recall in the USA, but not in Mexico.

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So needless to say there was quite probleks lot of initial upkeep that needed to be done. The specific year of my car had a recall on the power-steering lock inwhich was fixed instantly by the Nissan dealership. As long as you keep up regular maintenance.

Nissan altima problems and complaints - nissan problems

I do not like that since it is an older male and model car it does not have an aid chord it only has radio and the radio goes in and out and switches on its own depending on where I am driving. But now I will get it checked frequently because it is a great car and has never let me down in 9 years. She has only had a few problems with one of the tire light sensors being always on, even after I put air in all of my tires and after getting new ones.

Car was ok overall, but will not buy another Nissan Nissan Altima I loved this car for the most part.

Exceptional probleks turns and great for going higher speeds on the major highways. My last car didn't feel right at all. I also dislike that it does not have an alarm system unless I have one installed. Car had to be towed to dealer a second time due to not reprogramming keys properly.

I love the Nissan brand in general and would never hesitate to recommend someone to get one themselves. Total cost was for two gaskets and a gallon of coolant.

Daniela on July 26, 1 person found this helpful Helpful The overall sound look and performance makes the Nissan Altima a great choice. This failure is actually covered by a recall in the USA, but not in Mexico.

Brake warning light was present during acceleration. It was dependable, a smooth ride and just a fun car to drive. I bought my Jissan used so there were quite a lot of miles already on it. The CVT transmission had to be replaced which I didn't know was an issue with a range of years on the Altima.

Nissan altima problems, defects & complaints

It also has nissan and one of its settings lets you set a reminder for when your next oil change is and when that time is close it alerts you. Had alfima vibration on acceleration, replacing them cured problem. Purchased both that gasket and the block gasket at dealership and replaced them. Once my power of steering is replaced I will buy new tires and replace my brakes.

I would recommend this car to my friends in the future.

My dealership tries to charge me even though there was a recall and I had to show them the recall. Battery 20009 partial warranty still. Cost for part from autozone was 62 plus tax.

What's wrong with the altima?

I love the style of factory tail lights. Problem fixed. It is not a new luxury car, but alima is pretty much like one.

Resolved by dealer by replacing the steering lock unit. I just replaced all 4 tire rotors.

The motor mounts were burnt out on both sides and I already got them replaced. I rarely have a problem with having enough passenger porblems.

So, car would not start, nissann the system would not recognize the electronic key. My brother found the recall online and the dealership fixed it. Seems to have lots of quirks. I got it when my mother bought a new car two years ago, and have had very few problems with it. The leather seats are a plus too firm but comfortable.

Nissan altima repairs by problem area

However, the dashboard seems to be melting whenever the car sits out in the sun. What can I say this car just feels right for me. It probleme a nice vehicle once you get use to. As far as aesthetics. So now for the good! The trunk is very big, has lots of room. Next is the sticky injectors.

Nissan altima repairs and problem descriptions at truedelta

Changed the battery. Part has been revised and supposedly fixed.

I work on cars and it makes it difficult to measure how oil there is to put in when it becomes low on fluid. The performance is really good on speed handling braking and a 2090 sound prolbems too match. My spark plugs and wires have been changed. It has been very reliable for me, as I have traveled over miles a day for work.

Not at all a vehicle in which you'll constantly be worrying whether or not it will fail on you.

My power of steering hose has a leak in it but it will be replaced by xltima weekend. Having a tall person sit behind another tall person is really the only downside.