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Banff swingers

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Banff swingers

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When you ask this bold woman why you must procure her a cocktail she tells you the most remarkable thing. She tells you she was conceived in your establishment. Over the years rumours have pegged this spot as a swingers t. So he turned the bar into a discotheque. We swinyers it up for lovers and hedonists.

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The Grizzly House owner is every bit as vintage as the decor inside his decades-old establishment.

The place to party – theyyscene

We were told to keep our hot rock moist at all times by buttering it in slow, rythmic circles, for example. So he turned the bar into a discotheque. Other Subreddits.

Lauren and I both like our meats seared and quite rare, so we went for the stone. Dim bangf lights take off your clothes don Mexican wrestling masks and perform operas if you like. The cheese was velvety and delicious. Notorious for scraping swingets side of any dish with baked cheese I jumped at the opportunity. No posting personal social media profiles for the purpose of "doxxing" as per Reddit Terms of Service.

You can't walk down Banff Avenue without noticing this restaurant and wondering what it's like inside.

Meat, fondue, and swingers? grizzly house in banff has it all!

Try it the next time you are in Banff. We were ready for hot fondue and sexy-fun-times.

Our server Scott told us the booth simply has no rules. We called our server over and immediately gave him the third degree on the whole situation.

All opinions are our own. Lauren went for the house vegetable soup and I went for the french onion. Plus you have to cook your own meat on hot stones more on that laterwhich can be a lot of work.

If you enojoyed this review about the Grizzly House in Banff, you may also enjoy these other posts related to the Banff area. As per reddiquettedo not editorialize or bqnff your submission title. Generally, no selling goods or services. No personal phone s or addresses. No self-promotion.

A banff institution: the grizzly house | drink - play - love

We walked in and it was surprisingly empty, which can be a bad for a restaurant. Topping it off our server asked if we would bancf the crouton scraped from the pot. Billy had an uncanny knack for adding a layer of innuendo to his dinner announcements, making the meal instructions sound suggestive and kinda dirty. Share this:. Lobster and steak doesn't cook itself. Please ensure all submission topics are pertinent to the local area. Apparently this place often needs reservations and can be booked solid for weeks.

Grizzly house in banff - old swinger's club? : calgary

Finally, the place really, really smells. It was dimly lit and full of a mixture of hunting lodge decor and funny quotes. Racist comments will get you banned immediately.

We cooked together in privacy without having to run around or prep anything while receiving friendly and professional service. Every table has a phone, so you can call up and meet another couple that you may be interested in at the restaurant.

In addition to that, we had these little placemats that looked innocent at first, but then revealed their true nature when overturned. It was rich and tasty! Please be civil. The Grizzly House is located at Banff Ave. Moderators will remove comments swingerss their discretion.


When we first arrived at the Grizzly House we had no idea what to expect. Police case s must be included when requesting help related to crime. After cooking and eating all this meat we were pretty full, but had already committed to the last course: dessert. Slapping a slab of beef on the heated rock a blast of garlic-butter smoke filled the booth. The first course was a selection of soups. If you are unsure if your post fits please send the mod team a message.

Swiners off, there were more thongs for sale, then there was this little map of the whole place ewingers the right with phone s for each table, and thirdly and most obviously I must admit was this phrase across the bottom: For Lovers and Hedonists since ! The meats are brought to the table raw for cooking and include a variety of dipping sauces. There was a phone at every table. Grizzly House has a decent selection of brews and wine available, and we both found something we liked from a local brewery called Grizzly Paw.

As far as the meat selection went, we both chose plates that had a mix of Venison, Boar, Bison, Beef, and Caribou. If she looks at you you just have to pick up the phone. The soups were both good although not great and started off the meal nicely. The decor was definitely eclectic! We had a great meal and wanted to share our review of Grizzly House in Banff, so you too can enjoy this unique dining experience.

Personal attacks will not be tolerated. Save your personal opinions for the comments. Grizzly House takes the typical chocolate fondue and kicks it up a notch by adding chunks of Toblerone, which happens to be one of my favorite chocolates.