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Club ottawa bathhouse

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Club ottawa bathhouse

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If you are not going during open pool hours, you can say you just wanna use the sauna while you wait. Crowd: Young colleg The glory room at the back has been revamped. It is now 2 rooms, one with s and a cat walk around ottaaa its a 1st for me.

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Blackout Thursday is the most popular night at Club Ottawa. There are also glory holes in the far back. Being a small drive or bus ride from the downtown core, it leaves a great portion of the gay crowd left out. All the lights get shut off so it's harder to see who you are rubbing up on.

Club ottawa baths - wellington st w, ottawa, on

Well taken care, friendly service, really clean and fun!! Steamworks attracted a largely young clientele in its early years, though it has aged more recently. The bingo hall above the spa is gone and has been replaced with a Carbon Computing store I have attached a current photo for your use. It is now 2 rooms, one with s and a cat bathhojse around it its a 1st for me.

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For tourists, I would not advice this place because it is really far from downtown and batyhouse crowd is bathhouze representative of Ottawa's LGBT community. And most of the rooms have one or two mirrors which is more than you can say about the other saunas. The men are really older and out of shape. The other room has a vid No All ages but mostly years old. Facilities: Steam, sauna, s, showers, rooms, videos, dark room.

Club ottawa

The respect always been something to count when entering one of my shift The venue itself is in a discrete area with free parking available around the neighborhood although, the location really isn't the best. Stopping in tonight Olexy is also owner of Club Edge. On the third floor, there's no longer a pool table but instead we put in 6 gloryholes stalls there. The music was really bad and the wet sauna smelled like cigarettes. It's supposed to be more crowded on the last thursday of each month, right?

That will climb to 30 if phase two opens as scheduled in Facilities Crowd:All ages but mostly years old.

Club ottawa - ottawa - ontario - canada - spartacus gay sauna guide

The guy needed to back off and mind his own business. We like older men, but the crowd was not really fun and attractive. Bathouse postings to Squirt. I ended up not connecting with anyone on my visit, save for some small talk.

Steamworks managers declined to be interviewed for this report. The men were too aggressive and they would not leave us alone even if we said very politely that we bathhouse not interested.

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We wanted to ask if the knocking on doors was acceptable for their sauna personally, we consider that to be very rudebut the guy at the front desk was never there. Could an overhaul of the bar scene also be in the works? We have day time special f This saunahouse really feels like a retirement home for nudists. If you want to cruise, this is not the place. Bernie2 Over a year ago.

Bars downtown are much better. Really much better!

Hates it visiting this wknd Well not much good reviews but I like seeing for myself. Friday nights and weekends are ificantly more busy with younger guys coming in and out later in the evening.

He also owned the Paradox bar along with co-owner Andrew Walla heterosexual club on the upper level of the site of the new bathhouse. My room was dirty and the floor was sticky. Club Ottawa bathhouse on Wellington St in Hintonburg enjoys a more bathhosue and multicultural clientele. Especially the club-going crowd.

The gay bars downtown are much more interesting and exciting. The rooms are small but can handle guys in action.

The overall size and layout is not great either. The music is good…Awesome Club!

There used to be a sling room in the back, and last I heard they were planning on setting it back up. The lounge offers drinks at standard club prices, along with non-alcoholic beverages and some food. Batnhouse says it will be d for alcohol, have an outdoor hot tub that will be operational year-round, and slate floors throughout.