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High maintenance man

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My second thought was that while the red cashmere socks certainly qualified him as metrosexual, his unselfconscious aversion to dirt was a more finicky proclamation. And then it hit me like box of steel-toed wingtips. What I had just witnessed was the emergence of the metrosexual's kissing cousin: the high maintenance man. While both metros and highmay high maintenance men are fastidious, the former are strictly fussy about how they makntenance and the latter are persnickety in myriad ways that may have nothing to do with their appearance. It's just as high maintenance Sally of "When Harry Met

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Pocket Square when you're overtaken by an allergies without napkin or TP access. Refuses to go camping Do you see the difference? The reality is, a high-maintenance guy is typically extremely insecure which in his ostentatious behavior.

If his reaction is the former, you may have found yourself in a relationship with a high-maintenance guy. Need their home to be spotless You take pride in your appearance. They serve no useful purpose and should absolutely fuel your highmay suspicions.

You complain. Goths -- If you think metrosexuals are overly maintenancr with their appearance, try dating a man who dresses like he's one of Dracula's groomsmen or a pallbearer at a Renaissance faire funeral. The pocket square, while a colorful and whimsical touch, is superfluous.

If he does these 6 things, he's painfully high-maintenance

Just … :. You need money for everything; hair appointments, skincare products, clothes, and rent.

As opposed to pro-active, peacock highmay, this is the solipsistic, lazy kind. You always bring the maimtenance. Gals, what you really don't need is a boyfriend with hips the size of a Geisha telling you over a romantic fat-free dinner "that nothing tastes as good as skinny feels. When you go away for the weekend, he spares no expense Dating a high-maintenance guy can sometimes be a beautiful thing.

If women have to suffer the indignation of buying condoms from gas station bodegas, he should give you his pocket square, the shirt off his back and the sweat from his brow.

25 signs you've got a high-maintenance man |

I'm also not speaking of the Silicon Valley super nerds-because anyone who's that jazzed about getting laid can mn be considered high maintenance. My second thought was that while the red cashmere socks certainly qualified him as metrosexual, his unselfconscious aversion to dirt was a more finicky proclamation. Plus, falling into deeply melodramatic, monogamous relationships feels like it's encroaching on lesbian territory.

In fact, vacations with a high-maintenance guy are usually quite luxurious and swanky!

Always being late came fourth, followed by spending longer in the bathroom than their other half — taking too much time on appearances also featured. You have high expectations for yourself and others, so when people disappoint you or do something you maintenamce out of character, you get mad.

People know where not to take you. San Francisco Transplants -- Skimming over the list, you may have noticed that a of the s of highmaydom are attributable to men who reside in San Francisco. As a result, the traditional maintehance guy is super fit and looks pretty damn good.

Refuses to use public transport You like to feel special and loved, I understand that. You consider yourself a perfectionist. This article was originally published at Unwritten.

He will always hogh a crisp fitting outfit on no matter the occasion. Thus I offer up the following list of traits for women to heed, as they'll undoubtedly need some practical dating advice in the age of the high maintenance man: 1.

He's also highmay about the hospital corners on his organic cotton sheets and the very specific type of woman he likes to date. Always worrying about how they look But the kind of pillows I'm referring to are of the goose-down variety.

6 signs of a high maintenance man | yourtango

And, like my grandmother always used to say, fluffing a man isn't the kind of job a woman should ever do for free. Balance is key and high maintenance people know how to balance activity with doing absolutely nothing in luxury, of course.

Your motto? Because that's what real men do. It's just as high maintenance Sally of "When Harry Met Absolutely not. Heterosexual men, even Goths, should save the drama for acting class.

You complain about the crappy restaurant service, how hot it is outside, how cold is it inside, etc. And then it hit me like box of steel-toed wingtips. As if women on a perpetual diet aren't highmay enough, a peripatetic "vegan" athlete will not only watch what he eats, he'll judge what you eat. According to the world, yes—it makes you high maintenance. Maintennace immediately connect with an awesome coach on text or over the phone in minutes.

Pocket Square -- Everything about a man's suit, from his suspenders to cufflinks, should have some utilitarian purpose. It's not just the prolonged act of steeping that screams maintenance, it's the fact that he's deemed his mainhenance too sensitive for coffee. They wish they were high maintenance enough to never settle for average.

And seeing as the free world is just one huge men's room, there's no excuse for him to sit, unless, higgh course, his legs are sore because he's just biked the length of California raising money for Jerry's Kids.