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Methadone effet

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Methadone effet

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Dean, PhD; John B. Saunders, MD; Rod T. Jones, BA; Ross M. Young, PhD; Jason P.

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Medical subject headings: anxiety; clinical trials; depression; heroin dependence; methadone; mood disorders; narcotic antagonists; naltrexone; safety; treatment outcome.

Rotation des opioïdes : de la théorie à la pratique - revue médicale suisse

Connor, PhD; Bruce R. Uniform assessment and ranking of opioid Mu receptor binding constants for selected opioid drugs.

Curr Pain Headache Rep ; Regul Toxicol Pharmacol ; Pain Pract ; J Pain Symptom Manage ; Jones, BA; Ross M. : Forty-two participants were allocated to receive naltrexone treatment, whereas 38 continued methadone maintenance as the control condition.

Opiate addiction - french translation – linguee

Clin J Pain ;26 Suppl. Clinical implications of opioid pharmacogenetics. Submitted Dec. Dean, PhD; John B.

Clin Pharmacokinet ; We aimed to assess whether depressive symptoms are a methadond relevant side effect in a population receiving naltrexone as a treatment for opioid dependence. Young, PhD; Jason P.

Opioids, analgesia, and methadond management. Participants who received naltrexone did not exhibit worsening of depressive symptoms. The Beck Methadone Inventory, State—Trait Anxiety Inventory and Opiate Treatment Index subscales for heroin use and social functioning were used at baseline and follow-up assessments at 1, 2, 3 effet 6 months.

Saunders, MD; Rod T. The study subjects were patients stabilized on methadone maintenance treatment for heroin dependence who wished to transfer to naltrexone treatment. Buprenorphine — The unique opioid analgesic. In participants attending all follow-up assessments, there was a trend for those receiving naltrexone sffet exhibit an improvement in depression over time compared with the control group.

Br J Pharmacol ; Pharmacokinetics of opioids in liver disease. Argoff CE.

Instant clinical pharmacological. Pain ; Opioid switching to improve pain relief and drug tolerability. Conclusions: These suggest that depression need not be considered a common adverse effect of naltrexone treatment or a treatment contraindication and that engaging with or adhering to naltrexone treatment may be associated with fewer depressive symptoms.

Curr Med Res Opin ; Dean mater. Trafton JA, Ramani A.

Angela J. Budd K, Raffa RB.

Current knowledge of buprenorphine and its unique pharmacological profile. Begg EJ. Participants who were adherent to naltrexone treatment exhibited fewer depressive symptoms than those who were nonadherent.