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Naruto quizzes

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Baddies have started their invasion on the Hidden Leaf Village and only you can help save the day! After being in print for a little more than 10 years, this peppy pre-teen made the leap from the manga s to the small screen in

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What is the name of Naruto's first known enemy in the Naruto series? Question Tie on your headband, stretch your muscles, and get ready to find out.

What combination of naruto characters are you? | howstuffworks

They quizxes have their demons that torment them every single day, often leading to their own death. She was in constant pain every day because her only use was to heal others who had been injured in battle. This guy is the very first person that tries to hurt Naruto, and the very first one he tries to fight.

Naruto changed when he got older, but who does he end up marrying? Question 13 Which ninja cannot do ninjutsu? One of the reasons why Naruto is one of the biggest draws in the anime and manga community is because many of the dynamic characters resonate with the quizezs.

One boy became a Chunin at age 6 the one we're referring to while another did at age ten alone with no help. But did you know there is one unique trait found in the Uzamaki clan that is hardly found anywhere else in the anime? When you grow up though, things change and you become a different person with different interest.

Called Tora in Japanese, this clasps all fingers aside from your middle, index, and thumbs. The one that is Sasuke's specialty.

This one isn't easy to miss for true fans. After being in print for a little more than 10 years, this peppy pre-teen made the leap from the manga s to the small quozzes in Work Gambling Each of the Legendary Sannin have their own addiction. They transferred all of their own chakra out of their body and into Gaara's.

Neji Choji Shikamaru Although each Great War took many ninja lives, the kids are generally well-protected. Kankuro Fugi Chiyo Did you know that Gaara nauto died? Question 19 Who is the first enemy Naruto faces?

In fact, if you see someone with this trait, chances are that they belong to the Uzamaki clan. Believe it! However, at the time, it doesn't take long to realize that this "friend" should not be underestimated.

Only real anime nerds can get % on this naruto quiz | thequiz

Question 16 Which trait is common in the Uzumaki clan? Question 15 What is Team Asuma's favorite food? Meaning, there are some surprise members that you might be unaware of. But what is the female Sannin addicted to that gained her the title the "Hidden Leaf's Legendary Loser"?

That's what it's all about, isn't it? Still, not many kids died during this dreadful war, but a few did. Who was the person to give their life to Gaara all those years ago?

Whenever Gaara is pronounced dead after the Akatsuki extract Shukaku from his body, someone saves him. Jiraiya is addicted to women.

But do you know what it's called and what animal it's associated with? With every breath, he's a passionate person, often biting off more than he can chew, and once he gets the help needed from his friends, conquers whatever he puts his mind to.

Naruto quiz (hard)

Question 20 How does Karin heal you? That's right, this one passed the exams at age 6 and was given the title Jonin at age 9. Karin was tortured as a young orphan due to her ability to heal.

Naruto, for example, is an underdog with big dreams and an even bigger personality. Temari Tenten Sakura As you may know, in the manga and Boruto anime Naruto eventually grows up and gets married.

Even after Asuma's passing, they enjoyed going to the same place to eat and continued to go there every single day after training for years. I can't imagine living anywhere else. Itachi Uchiha. In the very beginning of Naruto, there are no true known enemies. Which of these foods did Ino, Shika, and Cho always quizzds together?

Quiz: what combination of naruto characters are you?: howstuffworks

You summon her which is agonizing even if she is right next to you You bite her She etches your name on her skin You punch her Not everyone can have a painless ability, one member of the Uzamaki clan has about the saddest life you can imagine. Question 14 Who does Naruto eventually marry? As naruto, Hinata had a huge quiz on him and he had a huge crush on Sakura. Question 18 Who gave their life to Gaara?

Which of these ninjas is incapable of learning ninjutsu as well as genjutsu and must rely on a different style of jutsu instead?

Naruto quiz (hard)

What is this unique Uzamaki trait? Which one of the former "rookies" died saving the lives of the quizzex during the Fourth War? Orochimaru is addicted to power and knowledge. To this day Gaara lives thanks to their selfless gesture that killed the person who performed the life-transfer.