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Phuket to krabi

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Phuket to krabi

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Phuket and Krabi are two of the most popular tourist spots in Thailand. Both have a very different vibe, and will give you phhket chance to experience what Thai culture, lifestyle and food is all about, and the variety there is on offer. Getting from Phuket to Krabi is marginally quick and easy, since they are connected by road, water as well as air. The distance to cover is not too much; just over km.

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Below you will find all your options for getting to Krabi from Phuket, and to Phuket from Krabi. From here, you will need to take a songthaew to Ao Nang or to Krabi Town. Taxi: As the name suggests, the phukdt is a gem-coloured natural body that change shades as the sunlight hits it at different times of the day.

For contact details visit our. The ferry, on the other hand, involves longer waiting periods and often stop-overs that make the trip into a longer journey. The drive is not too long, the taxi can pick you up and drop you off wherever you like, and you can also make ho stops along the way at sightseeing locations.

How to get from phuket to krabi & vice versa

There is a road-widening project along the main Route 4 that has been going on for some 10 years now, so there are often stretches that are under construction but usually there are no serious delays. If you are hungry, there are also several fabulous seafood restaurants just off the highway. Speed Boat Leaving from Bang Rong Pier in the north east of Phuket, and travelling via Koh Yao Yai and Noi to Ao Nang, this is a year round service — suspended only occasionally during monsoon season May — October if the sea is too rough — and is the fastest way to get between Phuket and Krabi.

Extreme travel enthusiasts will definitely like the ferry from Phuket to Krabi. The road for the most part is good and well -posted — GPS also works fine in Thailand. But, as an island, Phuket does krbi have such facilities as a railway. If you have trouble hailing a taxi on the street, you can contact taxi companies such as Phuket Taxi or Taxi Cab Phuket directly.

Phuket to krabi - go by ferry, minibus, bus or taxi? ()

This option has the t of being door-to-door, unlike the shared minivan and bus services below, and offers the possibility of stopping off to visit places en route see below. Be aware that taxis in Phuket are well known for charging extremely high rates. COST - to thb per person depending on destination. During the low season, ferries run about three times a week.

Here is a breakdown of how you can plan your journey from Phuket to Krabi in the most convenient way. The most relaxing way to travel it can also be the most crowded, and if you are stuck sitting on the deck in the sun the hottest. The highlight of these mountains is the caves they sit, which are filled with stalactites, stalagmites and even human skeletons. There are frequent trips daily with buses departing approximately every hour between and Phuket to Krabi Bus Buses are the most used mode of transport between Krabi and Phuket as they offer door-to-door convenience.

The distance from the bus terminal to the bus terminal is only kms which means by road the travel time is somewhere between 2 to 4 hours, depending on traffic.

Phuket to krabi ferry tickets, compare times and prices

Bus from Phuket to Krabi Cost. Buses running between towns and provinces of Thailand are regular. You can have a picnic by the water, or stroll through the vibrant natural park.

Exclusive deals delivered to your inbox Invalid The address entered already exists You have been added to the directferries. Alternatively, you can arrange a transfer with your hotel before departure, however, this may be more expensive. Before you go from Phuket to Krabi Here are a few things that you might want to know before you book your journey from Phuket to Krabi and vice versa: Phuket to Krabi distance Luckily the distance between Krabi to Phuket and vice versa is relatively short, so you will have more time to enjoy the destination on the other end.

Travelling by private car or minivan will allow you to stop off at lots of interesting places en route see above OR simply get from A to B in a fast and hassle-free way.

How to get from phuket to krabi?

Quick Tip: Some taxi drivers tamper with their meters or charge dishonest rates to cheat tourists. Journey Time: 2 Hours. Here are the best ways of getting from Phuket to Krabi: 1. Getting from Phuket to Krabi is marginally quick and easy, since they are connected by road, water as well as air. Most tourists prefer to take the ferry, but there is only one running per day, even during peak season.

COST - 2,xxx to 8,xxx thb depending on the size of your party. Its international airport of the same name serves more than 3 million people every year.

Phuket to krabi

Both have a very different vibe, and will give you a chance to experience what Thai culture, lifestyle and food is all about, and the variety there is on offer. Option 4: Charter Speed Boat Probably the most flash option since the discontinuation of the charter air flightsa private speed boat transfer can skip you across the waves in the shortest time. Tickets must be bought directly at the bus station; no advance booking is necessary.