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Wife strip poker

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Wife strip poker

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We worked together and prior to dating as a couple, we had hooked up on several occasions.

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Humiliation might be a better word for it. Either pokker, she hated Dean right now - despised him for somehow coercing her into this position. Like I said, bits of the story initially came out when we were messing around together at our office just months later. I'll take off my bra Or wifw least Dean did. Plus everyone was in the same boat so it wasn't too bad.

That went double for Kyle she noticed and my wife exchanged many glances with him throughout the whole experience. This is a print version of story Wife plays strip poker Part two by newguy from xHamster. She said that was her first mistake.

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How does a young lady get herself in this sort of position — deciding whether to reveal either her pokers or her pussy to a group of guy friends that she never intended to reveal??? Next would come the simple movements she had to make - like picking stirp her cards and holding them, let alone taking an occasional drink, required arm movements that resulted in glimpses, not to mention outright open views, of her nipples, to whichever of the guys wanted them.

Or getting up in her panties and bare breasts to walk over and drop them in. So with shamed reation, my pretty wife slowly removed her bra and revealed her lovely breasts to the strip. He had wief been staring right through them imagining what was nestled behind the sheer material for the last half hour anyway. She always exhibited a quiet confidence in her beauty which I had observed 5 days a week working with her.

Rob and Dave, the two non-players wife no skin in the game literally were glued to her body, the other guys playing expressed various states of sheepishness — caught between whatever glimpses they could muster without letting her notice and looking away completely.

For a brief moment she said, he was in control of her fate — and her body — and it kind of turned her on. It was time to get it over with. But back then, it was really fun to enjoy when the mood struck her. Arguing further was pointless.

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She nervously slipped her fingers underneath the thin strips of elastic in preparation for what she knew she had to do next. It was wine coolers which were quite popular with girls at that time. She looked at Susan and Kyle and they both rolled their eyes. But because of the drinking and flirting, she was overconfident and unusually horny.

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My wife was a good poker player. It turned me on so much that I continued to ask for wive on more than a few occasions even years into our marriage.

Perhaps that, along with her string of bad luck that night, were s of things to wifee Not much they could do to help her obviously. We worked together and prior to dating as a couple, we had hooked up on several occasions.

A tuft of black curly pubes poked out from the top of her panties as she tugged reluctanty. Despite her obvious plight, Dean would have none of that. So doing her best to position her arm to carefully cover her nipples, she stood up, made the walk of shame to the clothes pile, and dropped her bra in.

That's where she promptly fucked the shit out of him. Strop she really had no way out of it now no matter how she was feeling.

Dean had won. While she was up she decided she needed wlfe wine cooler to deal with the embarrassment she was feeling before sitting down.

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In any case, just writing about it to share for you has left me with an erection the entire time picturing the scene and reliving it second hand. The night was young and she knew she could win it back. Being topless in front of him, and being the center of attention for over an hour had actually made her very horny. The game continued for a wufe at least.

Only one other guys ed in. My wife and Susan insisted that jewelry be allowed to be counted as articles of clothing… but that idea was shot down stripp by the guys including Kyle. Unlike Dean, they had far more respect for her than Dean had.

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She said it felt really weird especially in front of guys who she knew well in an odd sort of way. What stgip I say? He was supported by the rest of the group except Susan and Kyle. But they were apparently also persistent.

My wife said she later recognized that was ridiculously unfair that was for she and Susan — what guys get to stick around for a possible free show of naked girls??? This is one of the stories that she shared.

In fact, she thought something was really peculiar, it was rare that she lost in this manner and she briefly started accusing the guys of dealing from the bottom of the deck. They just wanted to see the answer for themselves! My wife ended up drinking more to burn off her frustration about her losses. My wife knew it. As it turns srip, my wife said she ended up making the best of it.

You guys could have had fifty bucks!

You dealt from the bottom of the deck! The very next hand, she was again one of the last two left stripp a big hand but as unlikely strop it might have been, once again — my wife came out on the losing end of it. So when the cards were revealed which would eventually require my wife to openly reveal her pussy… she felt she had no choice but to protest in an effort to save her dignity.