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X club toronto reviews

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A large and popular venue, the X Club is an upscale members only establishment offering a full bar menu, nightclub environment with play facilities. A select of single men are allowed on certain nights and the place has a reputation for well-run, well balanced sex parties. In this guide we take a look at what the club has to offer, the cost of membership and what you can expect when you visit the X Club, Toronto. The main play area at the X Club is clean and modern.

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Hubby was too. By the centre of town near the harbour.


Rachel D. VIBE: An elite, sexy club.

It was breathtaking. Better than any fantasy of the Playboy Mansion: X club is known for beautiful people and class No photos allowed.

Those rumors were proven true by people we had met there. I felt comfortable in doing that.

I liked that. It was empty because it was early but my imagination was running wild. It's also a place where people who have never attended a club like this can feel comfortable and move at your own pace. I rviews also worried that he Hubby and I might not be clear on etiquette and do something sexually unacceptable in the wrong area. So not everyone's clkb to hook up but the X-Club, while having a vibe similar to any kind of social outing, is also very, very hot.

The x club: toronto’s swinging hot spot

Venue Type. That being said, it was a very heteronormative environment and while some women were playing together, I didn't see any guys doing the same. After this we changed to nude and entered the very nice classy open lounge from where we have heard an excited woman moaning for long. Stacked side by side. Again, many thanks.

No sir, I was in Mississauga, exploring the X-Club one of a of swinger's clhb clustered in one of those industrial parks that I always get lost in whenever I venture outside Toronto. Have a great week and we may be seeing you sooner than we thought.

The x club nightclub (mississauga)

Cheers Been to 2 other lifestyle clubs expecting the same as X-Club, I was greatly disappointed I will be back. Granted, since this is an off-premises club people hook up elsewhere a lot of hijinks could be happening but I keep on asking myself whether this is something that's frowned upon or just indicative of it being more socially acceptable for women to play with each other. Us watching them. We attended Saturday night with toronho girlfriend who also remarked it was a party unlike any other and is asking to come back!

Happy humping! Single males may attend The X Club on Saturday nights max 15 per event when they accompany a couple to the club. Tara AND Rueben both kept my party dancing all night long looking for more. X Club is like an alternate Universe.

X-club marks the spot for swingers

People looked. People watching. We just wanted to watch for a while. So we walk through. Our night was absolutely wonderful. Single men may attend club events on Friday nights. We found this club through a magazine.

Testimonials and reviews about the x club

He walked us in to the shoot the shit room quiet lounge area culb told us all about how it works. Date of experience: June Helpful. I felt safe all of a sudden. We met a couple, talked for a bit, learned about the negatives of other clubs cleanliness, etc.

Like any scene, there's a whole lot more going on than the main event. Lcub urban chic at X Club swingers nightclub. I could not have asked for a better evening.

Where else can you go that you meet the owner and they give you a tour? It was a classy experience, it was intimate and no pressure. We would love to hear from you!